Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thunderbolts Forges Working at Maximum Capacity!

Hi All

Continuing with my Thunderbolts 1500pt Drop Pod army, I've now completed the 5 man Devastator squad. This is the first unit I've painted exclusively with GWs new paint range and I'm generally impressed by the improvements, particularly metallics, specifically leadbelcher, ironbreaker and runefang steel which I use to layer up the silver armour and brass scorpion which replaces brazen brass, all four give much smoother coverage and a brighter finish too. Instead of ice blue I'm now using Lothern blue which is slightly darker so I mixed in some white for the base coat and then more for the layers and highlights and it worked out quite well I think. The other colour of note is moot green which is used for the cabling and also gives a much smoother and consistent finish. In all this led to me needing less coats to get the desired finish and thus a much quicker process which is a major bonus since I paint at geological speeds!
Here's a few pics of the finished squad...........

Next will be their drop pod...
Till next time.......


  1. They look great. Are they going to be a 10 man squad? Those spare dude will absolve the. Wounds so those missile guys can keep shooting. 6th is also great so that they can get out and have a pop shot when getting out of their pod. Now that you are taking pods I will have to take something else.......

    1. In the 15oopt list no. Just the 5, the other 5 will be done later for a bigger list.

  2. Cool tweedy I really like the kneeling posed model, I also like the fact that you don't ever cut corners all the models have lots of equipment and all have their transfers done at the time!