Saturday, 11 May 2013

Worcester War Update and Preparation

Hi All,

Firstly a little update on Worcester War so far we have 14 players booked in for the event.  Thanks for your great support.  We have another 2 possible players booking so if you would like to join our event please book up soon to avoid disappointment.  The details of the event can be found in this post:

Now on to the work I'm doing to prepare for Worcester War 2013.  For me the scenery when you go to an event is important.  So we need 10 tables worth of scenery.  Wooo that's a challenge and luckily the Code boys have a lot of experience and decent terrain amongst them.  I'm the proud owner of a realm of battlefield board from GW which I'm currently giving a new lick of paint for the event.  In addition even before we decided to have the event I had started some new terrain see here.

So since this post earlier in the year I have finished up a few new pieces.  First citadel woods... I love these sets and intend to add another set to my collection

So I went autumn which is just a bit different and will fit in with the scheme for the whole board.

Next up:  Aquilla Piece

Scatter Piece:

And I have 4 new buildings on the way:

And some new objective markers:

Finally I repairing all the battle damage on this little lot and trying not to annoy my wife too much with taking over this room completely!

Its going to be a busy but enjoyable few weeks....

Signing Off



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