Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Worcester War Terrain

Hi All,

Doc again...

So today marks the 1 month to go time frame to Worcester War 2013 and work continues apace for everything to be ready in time!  Todays post will be picture heavy showing off some of the terrain that has been finished and some of the work completed by a friend for WW13.  At time of writing we still have 4 places left for WW13 on the 29th June.  If your interested please click here. 

Ok picture fest time first off new terrain:

I would also like to show a friend of mines new Dark Angels work and his new terrain work.  PMR is returning to the hobby after 10 years away and we have all been impressed on the quality of his work when he hasn't painted for 10 years!  Also the fact that since January he's learnt the rules, painting up an army for the event, building a game board for the event and building and painting scenery for the event!  That's getting on with it!!  Enough of my ramble more pics!

Ok Folks that's all for now, more posts to come on the run up to WW13


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