Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pre Heresy Emperors Children Showcase

Trevdog’s Emperor’s Children – Pre Heresy or not!

My first foray into the 40k universe was way back when the boxed set “Space Marine” came out that allowed for Epic scale battles to be fought between brother Space Marines during the Horus Heresy initially and then expanded to other races and armies.
Red Mist and myself bought the boxed set together and set about dividing up the models.  The first dilemma was which space marine legion to paint the models. So I asked Red Mist which one he preferred whilst already deciding I quite liked the sound of the Space Wolves.  Well, you guessed it, Red Mist said he would like to paint his legion up as the Space Wolves.  Ok, so what would be my second choice?  It would also have to come from the heretic faction as the space Wolves, as you know, are loyalists.  The options were; World Eaters, Thousand sons, Death Guard and Emperor’s Children.  So why did I choose the Emperor’s Children?

It was the name of the Legion.  It conjured up a mystery for me.  Why were they named the Emperor’s Children when they were fighting against him?  I still hold onto that thought today and it conjures up a proud Space Marine Legion that fought in glorious battles for their Emperor.  A time of heroes…….. Also the colour of their armour on the box was a little different.  The picture showed it best described as maroon going almost pink, but not quite…..phew!

 So finally, 20 something years later after painting an Emperor’s Children force in Epic scale I now have a small force in 40k scale of what was once the Emperor’s Finest, painted maroon, and ready to take on all comers at our Worcester War 2013 Tournament.

As I haven’t used any of the Forge World models to represent the style of the legion’s armour at the time of the Horus Heresy, I have made do with mixing some parts from the chaos marine set and adding purity seals and other bits of decoration that in my mind helps to lift the model from it looking too bland.  So I used a non GW paint called Burgundy (Inscribe Acrylics) as the base coat over black undercoat. I found on my test models that the white undercoat really made it look too pink.  The black helped with shading and also toned down the brightness.  I then drybrushed a 50/50 mix of Burgundy and Rose over the whole model.  I have picked out some details with an almost pure Rose colour. The gold armour edging and Aquilla were painted using a mix of gold and caramel.  I wanted a warmer yellow tint to the gold.  I gave it a brown ink wash and then a highlight of gold.
Painted other parts of the model and base.  Job done!

So, did some of the Emperor’s Children that did not succumb to the lure of slannesh find a way to repent and continue to fight for the Emperor?  Perhaps, maybe just perhaps somewhere out in the farthest reaches of the universe……..
Lastly a shout out for Worcester War.....
At time of writing 4 places remain for WW13 our first event for Code40K if you are interested and fancy facing my newly painted Emperor's Children please look at this link.

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