Saturday, 3 March 2012

Necrons, CODE 40K SVA T-Shirts

Hi All,

DOC is back with a new post........

So there are 8 members of the code group going to SVA this year and so we decided to geek it up and get some t shirts done with our logo on.  Red Mist kindly cleaned up the logo from the site and arranged the printing of the T Shirts.  Thanks for doing this Mist

So what do you think? 

So this time in two weeks the code boys will be in Reading for SVAXII, as a result im having to step up the painting.  So here follows some progress pictures of the Necron Army:

Some of the above came from the hands of Red Mist including the CTAN but i have re based it all to match up together (MIST I hope you like?).  I still have 10 Sacrabs, 2 lords, Destroyer Lord, Overlord and Cryptek to do.  Its getting tight but luckily im off work this week so will hopefully get cracking.  Coming later this week more painted Necron Pictures

Thats All Folks


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