Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Red Mist Rises

Hi Geek Fans,

Red Mist here again, just thought I'd share my latest titbits ready for this years SVA.

First off as you know my Imperial Guard, The 7th Catachan or 'Lucky Sevens' have for years been a foot based army, now thanks to the increased production from the Hive Cities I have recently taken in our mini campaign I have taken delivery of lots of shiney new chimeras and tanks, including new Leman Russ (as below) and a Manticore and Hydra (images to follow).

This is fully retro fittable with detachable main weapons and sponsons, lovely.

Secondly, I'm also helping my good friend DOC out with his necrons, here is Imotek the Stormlord in all his glory ready to deal out lightning dealth to all of us.

Thirdly, I'm currently working on a Praetorian Squad here is my work in progress so far, what do you think DOC?

Well thats me signing off, back to the painting table.

See you all soon in the mud.

Red Mist Out

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  1. I like the dual use of green on the thigh pads and shoulder pad. Im just wondering as there elites whether he should have some purple i.e the higher in the army the greater use of it. Maybe the symbol or parts of the tail for want of a better description? Looking good do you want to pop round and get packaging and basing stuff? DOC