Saturday, 25 February 2012

Some kind of WIEEEERRDDD plant man!!

As you'll have read in previous posts we were thrown a massive curve ball by the Spikey Club organisers when they announced we needed 5 lists for SVAXII!!
So I dutifully chukked out the trukk lists and rewrote a bunch of new lists so as to give myself a chance to get all the painting done in time, now with about 3 weeks to go I've got 10 models to base and 9 with their flesh tones done, nearly there.
Once it's all complete I'll post photos of the 5 lists.
For now just a couple of pics of the recently finished (today) Wierdboy who'll be fielded as a warphead with a big bunch of shoota boyz in the planetstrike attacker list.
That's all for now, look out for the completed list photos in a couple of weeks, then sometime in April should see the completed Klawstompa!!

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