Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Planestrike Crons hit the Brick Wall. Necron Heavy Destroyers

Hi All,

Doc Here with an update, First off ill talk about planet strike as i posted previously:


I played my first game of planet strike the other day and put simply i got it wrong wrong and bit more wrong! Ok so this maybe basic to everyone else but the key basic things i learnt were:
Its not about blowing up the bunkers.
Just because you have deep strike you dont have to charge on the first turn, Particulary if the reprisal will wipe that unit out!
You still need numbers, I picked a super elite army and it didnt have enough survability.

When the opposition is in a bunker use the firing slit angles to reduce the amount of fire you take. Dont deep strike to far away from where your reserves will come on and dont deep strike near your opponents reserve deployment area.

Theyre all basic but trust me once you start playing we are all capable of forgetting the basics!

On a more positive note ive got some more Necron work completed. Ive built some converted heavy destroyers. So Pics first, explanation second:

So how do i build them? First off i cut the end off the gauss cannon. Next i cut the centre from a dispersion shield to form the top of the gun. I next attached a standard green rod to the underside of this and attached the top from a warscythe to the bottom. Finnally i re-attached the gauss cannon end. Simple result, but im happy with them and they dont have the weight issue's that the GW ones have and it saves money!!

Thats all Folks


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