Sunday, 11 March 2012

Necron Destroyer Lord and Canoptek Spyders

Hi Code Fans,

DOC here with more Necron pictures. So less than a week to go to SVA 12 all i have left to finish is 1 cryptek and 1 annihilation barge both of which have base colours done already.

So today ive finished painting..... My Destroyer Lord

And ive finished my Spyders in preparation for my farming!

So probably be only one more post before SVA next weekend showing the final completion of the army.  Between us we aim to take some photos of the best painted armies from the weekend.

On that note ....coming soon to the code40K blog

Painting and Flocking a GW Realm of Battle Battlefield
Darth Darlows stunning inquisitor army
Necron Characters
Luko Dakka's new army....
Hypaspist's completed STOMPA.

The Easter Warhammer Fantasy Weekend including a battle report.

So lots of new stuff coming soon, please let us know feedback and we will endeavour to improve things as we can.


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