Monday, 19 March 2012

SVAXII in Pictures and few words

Hi All

DOC here, ok so the dust has barely settled on SVAXII and what a great weekend was had by all!  So normally what happens on the CODE40k blog is we all go crazy to get everything finished for SVA and all the vast majority of posting happens from Jan to March each year.  This year will be different....

Im not going to talk about lists or stats....  what i would like to talk about is the motivation it gives you seeing all the different painted armies.  HYPA has taken a shed load of photos which will be posted up in due course.  Some teesers from my mobile:

I would also encourage everyone to look at Ben's (Campaign weekend organisers Blog) where he has posted some great photos and talked through some of the highlights from the weekend.  He was a top guy and put in some serious effort so we could all have a shed load of fun.

Thats All for now folks


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