Saturday, 20 January 2018

Imperial Fists; Heresy Era, 30k............Legion Breacher Squad.

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a showcase of my latest completed project and my first finished work of 2018.
This is my Legion Breacher Squad for my heresy era Imperial Fists. I started these last year but put them to one side as other projects became higher priority.
I've decided that I want to get a painted 30k army done by the end of year and so I went back to these models and once I'd made the commitment they were pretty quick to get finished. This is the beauty of the colour scheme; it's a really quick one even with the large amount of weathering at the end.
If you're thinking of adding breachers to your legion then a word of warning! The models are lovely and look great BUT they are a bit of a pig to put together, I painted mine in sub assemblies as you'll see from the pics later however when I came to put the arms on I found that they didn't really want to match up very well. In the end I had to fill the gaps in the shoulder joints created by the contact surfaces not being properly alligned. Dry Runs before you even start I think. Check, check and triple check positions  before you apply any paint at all. It would be almost impossible to paint them fully constructed so I really wish I'd checked properly before starting painting. But hey ho it all worked out in the end, however it did add a couple of extra sessions to the project.
And before the pics..... a big thanks to Doc for generously donating these unwanted breachers to my legion! Cheers Bud!
So pics; finished first.....

......and some wips....

I'm very pleased with them, I really like the dirty finish. I know a lot of people prefer the cleaner, brighter traditional yellow but I really couldn't face an entire army of bright yellow and I really, really like the excessively dirty and battered look, they look to me like they've been on campaign for ages with no respite from the carnage of heresy era war.

This is the state of my legion so far....

Early days yet and a long way to go but with the scheme being quick I reckon I'll have a couple of thousand points in almost no time, I plan on about 4k points in total for the army to allow for bigger games and choice in smaller games.

So this brings me to the subject of objectives for the year; you'll no doubt be aware of Docs painting points system, where he records his painting completions and awards himself points which allow him to spend on new toys as a way of both incentivising himself and limiting his expenditure. I don't really need to spend anymore on toys as I have around 2 dozen boxes full of unpainted stuff awaiting the brush! So instead this year I'm setting myself objectives merely to try to keep myself motivated a little, there will be no reward other than satisfaction (and if I complete them then I'll need somewhere to display them! So I'll reward myself with a new display cabinet! Though there'll need to be an interesting conversation with my wife over it's location!!)

You'll find my objectives and there progress in the sidebar of the page.

As ever C&C welcome and look out for my next project; 4 Heresy Era Imperial Fists character models coming soon.



  1. Nicely done! I prefer the mustard-y yellow to the stop-light yellow for the Fists as well, good stuff!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed painting them. Got a real good feeling about this army.

  2. Looks great bud great progress this year.... Flyers and terrain need to be in our planning soon. Not long till exams are finished

    1. No worries. Let me know when you’re free and we can have building session.