Sunday, 14 January 2018

Arming for The Cypra Incident...... Ork Battlewagon

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a somewhat delayed update on my progress with my Orks.
This model will be used later in the campaign but it was painted in the autumn to be fielded at Six Up Save's tournament; Skirmish III.
I'm including it in our Cypra posts as it will be Warboss Bluddtoofs ride, when he eventually arrives on planet!
This is the third ork model I've painted recently, I'd taken quite a while off orks to do other armies and try new things. As a result my painting has evolved a little over time, inevitably, and the recent models have quite a bit more attention given to them; more detailed shading and highlighting and different weathering techniques.
So what started with the burna bommer and moved into the gorkanaut has now been applied to my new battlewagon, finished pics....

I really like this model, easy to build, lots of options, nice ramshackle and almost cartoony orky appearance. Also quite easy to build in a modifiable state so you can field it in different kit outs and all without the need for magnetisation. Unfortunately on it's first 3 outings at the tourney it proved to be a massive bullet magnet! Hopefully just new model syndrome!
Here's a few wip pics...

Hope you like it, I do and I'm pleased to now be able to apply recently acquired techniques to new models in an older army without them looking out of place.
As ever C&C welcome.



  1. I agree with you its a level up whilst still in keeping with the rest of the army... Looking forward to the 19th blowing it to bits! Nice work bud