Friday, 28 March 2014

The Deadzone Expands, more w.i.p.

Hi All

So here's the latest on my Deadzone work. I've finished the tower and the first Stage 2 infected.

Here's the tower, before and after the metallic finish,

Still not decided on the finishing touches so I'll do all them at once the terrain sets all painted.
Also thought I should state the colour sequence I used to get this finish;
A mid grey spray undercoat (plasticoat), nuln oil wash over all the recesses, administratum grey base coat on all the panels, heavy dry brush celestra grey then ulthuan grey then light dry brush ceramite white over all the grey panels, next is the detail colour sections in either red, blue, green or yellow. Red is wazdakka red base then layers of mephiston red and evil suns scarlet and an edge highlight of ess mixed with a little white, finish with red glaze. Blue is the old enchanted blue with an edge highlight mixing in a little white and finished with blue glaze. Green is the VERY old snot green and an edge highlight and then green glaze. Yellow is base of averland sunset to deal with the natural translucency of yellow paint, layers of yriel yellow, flash gitz yellow and an edge highlight using a little white again and you guessed it a yellow glaze.
Next I paint all the areas which will be metallic in a mid brown, doesn't matter which you choose but I've used the old GW vermin brown, then its balthazar gold and hashut copper layers followed by a highlight of runefang steel and a wash of agrax earthshade, once that's fully dry wash with nihilakh oxide and after that's dry touch up with hashut copper to bring the copper colour back in patches, I got this method from an article in white dwarf November 2013.
All the paints are GW including the glazes which I absolutely love!

The finished Stage 2, before and after the base completion,

I feel I should also give you an idea of the colours I've used here too;
After the base and wash on all the exposed flesh and natural armour plating it's lots of drybrushing!
The armour plates are brought to a paler finish than the flesh simply by using paler yellows and white after the reds, oranges and yellows of the flesh.
The order of colours is; wazdakka red, mephiston red, evil suns scarlet, 50/50 ess/blazing orange(old GW), blazing orange, fiery orange(old GW), 50/50 fo/yriel yellow, light yriel yellow. Flesh stops here. Armour continues with flash gitz yellow, bad moon yellow(old GW), hexos pale sun(new GW drybrush) and finally a light brush of white.
Then to finish off the teeth and claws are painted in layers using the same colours from yriel yellow onwards on top of a base of averland sunset. Also any stand out veins or pustules are apinted in yellows as are the eyes.
The bases use all the same colour systems from the terrain set.

And finally the team members I've done so far in situ with the tower,

A bit more terrain to do yet and the rest of the plague team, more to post in the coming weeks.


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