Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hobby Butterfly - The joys of being unfocussed

Good Morning All,

Today's post is a little bit of everything as the title suggests.  Today folks I'm going to talk about having way too many models and way too little focus.  So as many of you will know we at Code40k recently ran our second event Worcester War 2.  This event became my obsession for a little while and I was determined to ensure everyone had a good time.  The feedback we received was positive and I think moving forward we shall hold many more successful events.  Having run two events and built masses of terrain with Inner Mech, I really began to feel what am I doing with my own hobby here!  Answer = Not a lot.

So a couple of weeks after WW2 I got the opportunity to play in a saga event run by Wyvern Wargamers .  I had no expectation, no build up and no list writing to do and no painting to do as it has been all done for a while.  I think on the whole this made me more relaxed and I had a great time.  To my surprise I finished 3rd overall and got a best painted nomination.  Awesome!!  Below is a few shots I snapped of some of the best painted nominated armies

So on to 40k, I agreed to play in club wars an event run by my local hobby store Worcester Wargames tomorrow 9th March.  Its a team event and I am teaming up with Inner Mech.  He's going White Scars and me Eldar.  So i have gone a little Eldar crazy.  I only need 750pts for the event however coupled with that is the need to bring my eldar up to date.  Indeed I have figures in the army that were painted in the 90's.  Anyway on to the pictures....

Crimson Hunter:

Essentially I have copied GW's colour scheme as it fits nicely with the 3 colours i use for my Ulthwe themed eldar army.  Pleased with the result except the base which is a little boring so I will revisit that at a later date.  Now back to the title Hobby Butterfly.  In the last 4 weeks I have worked on.....

Now do you see the problem......  Ok I think I need some hobby focus people.  I have been working on Eldar, Marines, Deadzone figures, Deadzone Terrain and casting new stuff for Code Designs.  The scary thing is there are more things than I photographed.  I have really enjoyed the process of just doing stuff as I feel like it.  So what's next I say pick a project and finish it.  So my aim is to finish the Wraithknight by the end of March and 1 other project.  I also intend to introduce a painting points system from April onwards (after forgeworld open day!)  So I have to paint before I can buy!

That leaves me with the question are any of you out there a hobby butterfly?

Doc Out.


  1. I like the crimson hunter, looks much better than when I saw it last.
    Also like the LS Storm, for the death guard I assume?
    Focus dude, think deadzone!!

  2. I hear you dude they will be ready for deadzone day. Yep for the death guard project