Sunday, 30 March 2014

New projects. New plans.

I have had my customary break after a tournament, and now I am ready to get back in to building and painting again.
First here are some finished inquisitorial henchmen and assassins:

I have the other 2 types of assassin to complete and now have a pretty full retinue for one of my inquisitors.

Next up I am planning a campaign with my local Cambridge gamers. I have just bout planetary empire and a mighty empires set of hexagonal tiles. This will form a solar system for us to fight over. I am also adding in some special rules for character advancement. We hope that rather than taking special characters that we develop stories a heroic deeds for our basic characters. I think my rules have struck a good balance for bonuses from doing well and playing game, but will not lead to a major unbalance for the players who can't play lots of games.

Also I am going to be working on getting my terrain upton date an looking more like it all belongs on the same board!

And finally model wise. I have Agee things unpainted that interest me, the first being a squad of 10 sternguard.

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