Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Deadzone work in progress

Hi All

Here at the code we've recently invested in Mantics new skirmish game; Deadzone. We're all busy painting up strike teams and scenery for a fully painted day of deadzone we're planning in a couple of months.
I'm just over half way through my scenery set which is designed to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly so that each game is different, I tried a few test runs as soon as I'd opened the box to see how it worked and found that there were a couple of issues;
1st, the connectors are slightly variable in there dimensions due to the mould lines as are the wall/floor sections so they don't always fit and would all require work to get them to be the same and thus universally fit each other (there are hundreds of potential joints!)
2nd, the plastic is a little on the brittle side and I broke 2 of the connectors during my test runs (you don't get enough connectors in the set, but a connector sprue is only a couple of quid from mantic so no biggie)
In all this led me to decide to permanently build the scenery as I wanted it, I bought the gamers edition which contained 2 scenery sets anyway so I will have a wider range available for games and a scenery set isn't expensive at about £25 so more will be on the cards in the future too.
Here's a few piccies of the stuff I've painted so far....

As you can see I've tried for a verdigris effect on all the brass/bronze metal to simulate a corrosive element in the atmosphere of this plague infected world. The effect is duplicated on the strike teams bases too as seen here...

I'll post more in the coming weeks as it gets done.


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  1. Nice work Tweedy, I like the bases you look to be going for and the light blue green colour. As usual your style makes it all stand out. It will be great to play on. Also very different to mine and Paul's which is a lot darker.