Friday, 31 May 2019

New Games Room / New Scenery

Hi All,

I have been fortunate enough to be able to convert the back half of my garage into an office / games room and I thought you fellow geeks would like to see it.  I am sure it is something we all want.  I have certainly wanted one for several years.  My wife is very happy to have now deposited me and all "my stuff" out of the house!

Anyway the whole process took about 3 weeks as was undertaken by mums partner a builder by trade very handy person to have in the family! and thanks Roy!

Some pictures...

Pre electrics and wall units

My dual desk left hand side is painting right hand side is working at home space.

The hobby cases bookcase needed in all good geek rooms!

Table set up enough space to move around (happy man)

First game ever which of course I had to loose! Although I did steal the initiative! 

Lastly an unrelated to the new hobby space a picture of some recently painted shipping containers.  These were fun and the transfers from really helped level them up.

That's it hope you like my new space....


Doc out......................


  1. Brilliant Doc! Great to have a dedicated space for Gaming, I mean WFH, honest Boss... haha

    1. I like the dual purpose I now spend more time in here than the house!

  2. That man-cave is awesome and the KR multicase bookcase looks highly organised. I just put a new bookcase in mine but it's mainly to display/store models not in their cases and hold my big Citadel figure case when it was previously just resting on a second, unused, oil radiator.

    1. I like organised at least to begin with I suspect it will get messy as I use the space more!