Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Pre Heresy Death Guard Assault Marines Showcase - Squaduary 2019

Hi All,

Doc here with my finished squaduary project for 2019.  I have been showing progress of these over on instagram (code40kdoc) and facebook.  I have my first ever heresy event at the end of March so I am needing to crack on!

This unit is one of my troop choices and unusually for my death guard are quite fast with jump packs.  As always the first stage is to get the base white done.  As this is an army project its about being able to pump out large numbers of models in a relatively short time so my white recipe is:

Airbrush Vallejo Grey Primer
Recess Wash Agrax Earthshade
Airbrush top down and 45 degree angle white

Ta da thats it!  Then I paint up all the rest of the gubbins and end with some sponge weathering using GW leadbelcher.  Here are some showcase photos:

Just to say due to time constraints transfers will be revisited later on if time permits before the event.  Hope you like constructive feedback is welcome!


Doc out............................................


  1. That’s pretty fast and effective scheme mate! (Btw, these across the page adverts are fecking annoying, do they actually earn you bucks? Much better non intrusively in the side bar... have you seen how annoying BOLS is these days?) lol

    1. Hey Siph thanks for feedback, I turned ads on 3 months or so ago and just looked at how many clicks and earnings. It currently totals £5.46 and will not pay out until £30! So you are probably right not worth it so have turned them off. Cheers Doc

  2. They came out looking well and you got a whole lot of them done in such a short time.