Friday, 8 February 2019

Arming for Cypra Incident Showcase - Forgeworld Maraunder Bomber

Hi All,

Doc back again with the second showcase post in as many days this time the big boy the Maraunder Bomber.  First off to say I am happy this model is over it has been a pain in the ass!  The mold at foregworld is clearly at the end of its shelf life and the sheer weight of the thing makes it hard to work with.  The standard flying base in my opinion isnt sufficient for this model so I enlisted Innermech aptly named in this case to build me a new one!  That took two attempts as the weight broke the first one instantly.  Anyway its all finished now and forms the centre piece of our next mission in the Cypra Incident.  Boss Bludtoof will be posting up more on that soon.  In the meantime if you want to catch up on all the posts in the cypra incident click here.

Here goes showcase time followed by a family photo of all my flyers:

As always hope you like the newest member of the 19th Dicers if you would like to add a constructive comment please do so.  If you want to ask any questions on how any of this was achieved go right ahead.


Doc out...........................


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Siph I am well happy looking forward to sharing them in action with you all!

  2. Well Done!!

    A buddy of mine had that bomber years ago, apparently the molds weren't any better then either, as he also had a hellova time with it.

    1. I love it now its done but such a difficult model very much an advanced modellers kit. Cheers dude