Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Perverts on your knees...

Evening all
Firstly abit of music to keep the noise marines happy

In my absence the world has been torn apart and a girlyman is walking round pretending he's the Emperor sowing his geneseed wildly. I haven't yet dived into 8th edition and as my chapter (Space Wolves) don't have a very good history of playing well with others I'm in no rush for big marines, just think I'll use what I have till I've played abit more.

Anyhow what i am doing is scratching another itch and diving into 30k. So far i'm painting my blob squad and the characters from the Calth box set after that a support squad, heavy weapons squad and a contempor. Then maybe abit of zone mortallis while i collect vehicles

Here are some WIP shots of the Emperor's Children, waiting for shoulder pads to arrive before I continue. 

The Chaplin is the nearest completion

Cannon fodder

Legion Vexilla/Sergeant/Nuncio-vox
 The Sergeants chest eagle is off a 40k marine torso and the Nuncio-vox is kitbashed from drop pod harness' and an auspex


Sergeant and corporal
The Sergeant and what I call a Corporal are magnestised and the Corporal head can be swap so i can make 2 10 man squads out of the blob if needed.

thats about it for now, the only question left is are they goodies or baddies


  1. Loyal Emperors Children, just misguided by the Laer Blade...

    1. Whats the world coming to when you can't trust a demon :)

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  3. Nice to see some purple rock gods on the blog