Sunday, 11 June 2017

WIP - Heresy Era Death Guard Scimitar Jetbikes

Afternoon All,

Another post so quickly after the last that is rare but I wanted to keep up some momentum after completing the Medusa.  My next project is 6 jetbikes which require a lot of sub assemblies and paint jobs.

I decided on 3 sections the rider, the bike and the base.  For the base I have ensured the stalk of the flyer base remained clear by masking it off.  For the riders they have been temporarily attached to a base or a wine bottle cork.

I have a feeling this unit is going to take quite a while certainly one model is probably equivalent in time to painting 5 tactical legionnaires so I will be awarding myself 5 points for each when they are completed.

Current Progress:

I have 3 jetbikes ahead of the rest once the base colours are down I catch the rest up.

As always with me I have take one on further just to ensure I am happy with the colour scheme and the key part for me was where to add some green to the model.  Anyway after deliberation went for the above?  Any thoughts?

Here's the zombie riders primed up

So such a big, time consuming unit to get up and running.  However, they are such cool looking things that keeps you going.  Hope to be back soon with further progress.


DOC out...........................................


  1. Looking good! Gotta love Jetbikes!

  2. Looking good Doc. Having seen em in the flesh too; the green stripe is good and enough, and it maintains a consistency across all the mechanised units as you've done the same on the medusas. Keep pushing!!
    Painted rematch before years end???

    1. Thanks bud, Sounds good and extremely daunting in equal measures plus I fancied doing a flyer for the guard next??? So much cool stuff.... and Masters to finish come September...

  3. Love the Scimitar Jetbikes look, especially in Deathguard colours.

    1. Thanks they are a lovely sculpt for sure, really like the custodes ones also!