Sunday, 30 July 2017

House Move Complete - New Hobby Space

Hi All,

Well our house move is finished and a family holiday just a 4 year old's birthday next weekend and life will return to normal.  As a result all is quite on the modelling front although I now have a permanent hobby space something I haven't had for some time.

After spending quite some time on it getting stuff where I want it and finding missing stuff.  I have managed to get it looking like this:

I will slot my pc in the gap when I get around to it.

Good natural light plus may pick myself up some daylight bulbs or lamps.  If anyone would like to share a link or links to good lights they recommend that would be great.  I have laid out my scimitar jetbikes as they are first project to finish off then it will be a valkyrie gunship for my guard.

Spent some time further labelling boxes and so on to make it easier to find stuff.  This doesn't look like much but i have so much more not pictured and finding stuff is important!

So much stuff still to build should stop buying really.... oh the rest of my life lol!

This room also has a handy key lock entry so I can leave glues, paints and knives lying around without worry of my small people interacting with them!  Anyway until next time when I get back to normal hobby updates and hopefully have fitted in a game of 8th with Dark Bristles.




  1. Very nice! Always good to have your own space. Nothing better than spending a wet Sunday afternoon tidying it up. Looking good.

    1. Cheers. Colonel looking forward to making use of it

  2. Nice, it's great having dedicated hobby space. I got these white LED lamps from eBay, I'm sure you can find similar.