Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Projects, Projects, Projects!!

Hi All

Bluddtoof here, been a while since I posted and quite a while since I engaged in any painting too, what with a hot spell, a wedding and a major project in the garden.
I've got my motivation back now though and some time for the hobby, so I thought I'd just post a little update on my recent work and plans for the rest of the year...

So as you can see in some of my posts from this year I've started a 30k Imperial Fists army, currently part way through a breacher squad...

They'll need to be finished.....

However I kick started my mojo by jumping back to my 2nd Imperial Knight, a Questoris Magaera...

I'm gonna finish this bad boy before jumping to anything else, next will be the breachers to finish, then the Ork Burna Bomma I started a while ago and a Thunderbolts Contemptor I started even longer ago! And then of course I need to finish up my Blood Bowl Dwarves and Orcs

Posts for the Imperial Fists are here

Posts for the Blood Bowl teams are here , and here , and also here

and Posts for the Contemptor are here

Then once all of those projects are done I'm going to tackle my Stag present from the Code boys......
...an Acastus Knight Porphyrion! Love those Guys!!

So that's me done for now, stay tuned for progress reports over the next few months and hopefully by the end of the year all that will be done.



  1. I love the knight! Its gorgeous!!!!

  2. The Knight is very reminiscent of the old school RT Epic Knights. Great scheme

  3. Thanks chaps! The colour scheme has mutated as I' ve worked on it; originally it was gonna be a deep purple and gloss black with bone trim. I started the purple and found vallejo metal medium, tried it and it gives the silveryness whilst paling the shade. Then looked for a nice match and gound an old scaly green. Metalled that and there she is. The trim will be a dark bronze. Loving it, it reminds me of gw's metallic colours from the 90's

  4. Brave colours,in the face, 3 feet away theory, bosses method....... Love it due #backinthesaddle

  5. 😁 Cheers Doc. You'll certainly never miss my models!