Tuesday, 6 December 2016

This is my (innermechs) entry for dismember december

Hi All,

This is my entry for Dismember December, and I  wanted to try something a bit differnt with this model as it will not fit in with any of my existing collection. First I built the mini loving the detail and pose it has.  Next up I laid down the base colors and gave it a wash with agrax earthshade as seen below.

Next I decided to do something that I have wanted to try for a long time but never got round to it because I never used nmm (non metallic metal) on any off my army's before.  It was nice to see if I was able to get a good effect or not. As I started I realised how difficult it is to get a metallic effect using flat colors, so a visit to you tube to watch a few tutorials was required.... eek they make it look so easy.

Overall I do not think he looks to bad for a first attempt. I tried to keep the flesh tone quite subtle not adding hi contrast as to not take away from the nmm I also kept the base quite simple just adding a bit of texture using the new gw texture paint and adding a bit of blood. After whats khorne without BLOOD on it. Here is the finished mini.

sorry about the sound on vid need to sort it out next time

Comments are all very welcome as this all adds to me becoming a better painter. Good look to all those attempting this challenge.



  1. That looks fantastic, man - awesome work!

  2. Thanks buddy took me a week till i was happy with the finish.

  3. Having seen this person I concur looks great and for a first attempt at NMM its outstanding. Only advice I gave for a showpiece was watch the pooling of the wash.