Monday, 26 December 2016

Showcase for Dismember December

Merry Christmas everybody - hope you've all been good boys and girls this year and got lots of hobby goodness from Santa! 
Db here with my entry to the Codes Anual December themed painting event - this years event being the free Slaughter Priest that came with White Dwarf - Aptly titled 'Dismember December'.

I confess, I was somewhat reluctant to begin this project as I'd got a lot on my hobby desk already and have seem to have lost my painting mojo someplace. Any way - after seeing the frankly cracking job that Inner Mech managed when attempting to expand his painting skills with NMM I decided to attack the slaughter priest with a different view and try something new myself.... 


After sitting just staring at the priest for a good 5-10 mins I finally had a thought and decided to attack one part of the leg ....


Which then became the whole of the armour plating of the Priest...


Once I'd settled on the direction the rest came pretty easily - I've not really tried jade style armour before and I'm still terrified of painting skin sections so the large expanse of pale flesh was rather a challenge for me but ultimately it came out pretty much how I saw it in my mind so I'm happy with it :) now we just need the last couple of Code members to be hustle up with their entries and we can pop them all together!

Whilst I'm a little peek at what I'm up too currently.........


 Have yourselves a fantastic Christmas all and wishing you all the best for the new year and, as ever, thanks for reading :) 


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  1. Db, lovely to see your sinister slaughter priest up and running. Funny enough highlighting black with another colour has been high on my experiment list for a while. Lastly that knight is going to be glorious to behold!