Saturday, 10 December 2016

Showcase - Genestealer Cult Kill Team

Hi All Innermech here to talk cult....

As soon as gw released the new genestealer cult models i new i wanted to collect the army, managed to get on ebay and buy 2 of the sets from the deathwatch box set, then couldn't resist ordering more from gw when they released the trucks, they are so nice.

With all these models I set about building them and I now have 1500pts of built cults. Its a mass of models and I was a bit concerned about the amount of painting to do and where to start.  Soon the answer arrived when a few of us entered a kill team event at incom gaming as said in a previous post by battered bristles. I knew this was the ideal chance to make a start on the cults so worked out the list and set about painting the team.  First to show is the goliath truck. I loved working on the truck they are so different to other vehicles in the 40k range.

Then it was on to the genestelers themselves as i had chosen a squad of 5 in my list.  In kill team they are all treated as individual models  and I wanted to make my leader stand out so I used the broodlord model to represent my leader but still used him as a standard stealer for rules purposes.  When painting them I wanted to keep them quite pale so they blended in with the snow bases.

Next up was the cult models and I had opted for a squad of 10 neophyte hybrids to ride in the truck. Included in the squad was two flamers and a scisemic canon as they are all individual units you can split them up however you want, 

Going into the event I was unaware that i was in with a chance as I had only had two practice games with the army getting my arse handed to me both times by doc (yarp ed, lol). In the first game I was surprised myself that I tabled my opponent. As the day went on I managed to win all my games apart from 1 against another fellow code40ker luko dakka and his ork bikes that was a draw. I went into the last game level on points with one other participant.  By the end of the last game I had once again won the game against my opponent code40k's very own Dark Bristles.  This left my hopeful of the win overall. In the end after 6 games it all came down to one point in my favour, After losing both practice game before I even arrived never thought I would win. All i need to do now is knuckle down and paint a shed load more to turn it into a fully fledged army and I am looking forward to that.

Many thanks to income gaming for a fantastic event we will be back again. So anyone looking for a good gaming club that runs well organised event visit:  

Here is the winning team

Cheers for looking will be posting more of the army as i get them done, comments are always welcome.



  1. Looking amazeballs as always you have a way with making vehicles look great and the weathering always seems right. Any coincidence with the innermech tag?

  2. Beautifully done, man - I really like how those turned out!

  3. Cool looking models. I especially love how you did the truck. It looks awesome!

  4. Thanks guys I'm working on a 1250 Pt army at the mo for a game in the ne year will upload my progress soon

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