Friday, 6 May 2016

W.I.P. Relic Predator Executioner; nearly there.

Hi All

Another quick update on my progress on this Relic Predator for my Space Marine Chapter; The Thunderbolts.
Everything's done now except for the White panelling on the turret, sponsons, hatches and exhaust guards. I always leave the white til last as it's a pig to paint in the first place and if I do it before any other colours and make a mistake that effects the white finish then it's even worse to do over.
Once the white's done I'll finish with the transfers.

Some pics of it currently...

I didn't like the weathering effects I'd done on the main body so I re painted the silver where necessary to cover it up. After much thought I just don't like weathering on this army, don't know why but I just don't so I'm not gonna waste my time on it.

I am however a fan of the rusty sponge weathering I did on my recent scenery project; see here  for the final showcase post, and I'll be using that on my recently delivered Mantic Kickstarter Veer Myn for Deadzone along with another rusty wasteland scenery set I'll be making later this year.

But first more to come soon on the Predator.

C & C as ever please.



  1. Nothing wrong with a clean finish. I agree with weathering and love it now but I am not going back over all my armies that would be lunacy. I like the plasma and brazen tracks. It is different to what we see all over blogosphere fairplay.

    1. Cheers dude. Hopefully the link should work now too.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Greg. A couple of coats of white left and some finishing touches and I'm done.