Saturday, 14 May 2016

Showcase; Deimos Pattern Relic Predator Executioner, Thunderbolts Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

Hi All

Finished my new predator executioner and very pleased with it too. I've swapped to Vallejo foundation white instead of Citadel ceramite white, it's not as opaque but it flows better off the brush and along with a new thinners; Tamiya X-20A, it's much easier to use. The final result is less solid white and allows the Fenris grey base coat to show ever so slightly giving the white a very nice blueish tint. I likes it! works nicely with the ice blue spot colour.

some piccies...

With the transfers and iconography I've stayed with the V for my chapters "5th forging"; the equivalent of a codex company, the Thunderbolts use a more flexible organisation than the rigid codex system due to their long affiliation with the adeptus mechanicus based on the forge world they established their fortress monastery on. This affiliation has led to their predilection for vehicles and a larger than usual number of tech marines. The chapters organisation is largely formed around the many forges they maintain and it is a rare force of Thunderbolts that does not contain a tech marine and his mechanical charges.

Next up for the Thunderbolts will be a Typhon heavy siege tank but first I'll be concentrating on my newly delivered Deadzone 2 goodies in the shape of some plague reinforcements and a new industrial scenery set which will probably see action in future instalments of our narrative campaign; The Cypra Incident.

Hope you like the new tank, C & C as ever welcome.



  1. Looks good bud, cant tell the difference in the white technique on the photos but will comment when I see it in the flesh. Looking forward to seeing your deadzone stuff.

  2. beautifully painted as usual.

    i must get on with buying and painting more tanks for my guys