Friday, 5 February 2016

Skitarii shenanigans

Very quick post!

I finally pulled my finger out and attacked the skitarii boxes my wife got me for my birthday. Last year. In May. 

I painted 5 guys when I first got them and when I returned to them I realised I'd totally forgotten how I did the scheme! Oh was fun experimenting. 

Love these guys loads though and am happy to have actually finished a force up to a reasonable standard ( I lie actually I still have one walker to paint....) 

I'll do a grouper group photo at some point. 

I finished the other 5 guys for this squad last but haven't photographed them as of yet.

This squad I tend to run as my warlords unit unless I run them alongside my knights.

Finally my dune walker.....pretty proud of this guy as I managed to hammer him out in one day as a bit of a personal challenge.

Having relatives that live in the desert is great for finding basing materials. 

Yes that lizard is real. Yes it was dead when I found it!

As ever, thanks for reading - sorry this post has been a little short and sweet, I'll try and do better next time!

Later all :) 


  1. They look awesome! The black in particular is really striking!

  2. Aw thanks man, I had a lot of fun with them :)

  3. Great work Tom, really love these! I agree with Nick, I especially love the use of black in this scheme!

    Love the 100% commitment on the base work to - dead animals is just on another level!

  4. They look fantastic. Very well done.

  5. Is that some sort of slate you used for the rock? Looks great!

  6. It all looks great are you sticking too skitari or bringing in the wider mechanium. As I said before love the basing. Also love the different washes on the metal areas. Nice post.

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments fellas. I think I'm probably just going to stick with Skitarii at the moment, I really only want them to give my knights some support and my 30k mech is sating my 'more mech' needs.

    Basing is really important to me and I'm a firm believer in treating bases just as important as a model, even the best painted model will look less impressive on a plain unpainted base - and conversely a neat, simply painted miniature can look fantastic on a sharp, consistent base scheme.

    The base is actually just Cork board coated in the technical paint Agrellian Earth, washed with earth shade and dry brushed with underhive ash and tyrant skull.