Tuesday, 16 February 2016

40K Imperial Guard Tanks Showcase - 19th Dicers

Evening All,

Doc back with another block rocking beat......

Eh no back with another blog posting video...

Ok give up with the crappy jokes already.  Tonight I want to showcase my finished tanks for the first two games of The Cypra Incident.  Really happy with the end result and enjoyed the weathering process immensely.

Before I launch into the new stuff in case you haven't been following the progress on arming for the Cypra Incident please click here.

Ok first off a few photos for new models I have finished alongside the tanks:

I have another 26 models on the go at various stages.  I am using a mixture of models to represent the army from cultists, forgeworld, catachan guard and necromunda figures.  I think this creates the feel of an army on the verge of turning away from the imperium having been abandoned on backwater planet.

Next up is the main showcase video for the tanks.  This time I have gone for a showcase video as opposed to a picture of my shiny head (thanks INNERMECH!).  3 of these tanks are old models which have been stripped and re painted which has worked really well.  Hopefully this will be the last time I repaint them!

As always please leave your comments and suggestions for improvements.


DOC out


  1. Loving it Doc! Looking really good. The move to airbrushing has clearly worked really well for you, your productivity has gone through he roof! Can't wait to get the campaign started; nearly there on my last unit for the first 2 tiers and should be done by weeks end.

  2. The airbrushing helped with the tanks for sure. The productivity is having a slot of time when Janet is out rehearsing for the play and the end of uni term. I will soon have to stop again for quite a while probably until summer :-(. Hoping to finish game 1 and 2 stuff before stopping.