Sunday, 14 February 2016

30K First Legion Dark Angels Showcase Video

Hi All,

Today is my first ever attempt at a post under the watchful eye of DOC! and also our first attempt at a showcase video.

I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my first legion for 30K and have tried a number of new techniques including OSL, Weathering, Sponge Weathering and airbrushing.

When painting black it is a reverse shading effect by painting the lighter colours on the underside in this case I sprayed vallejo dark sea grey followed by vallejo light grey and blended it vallejo black.

The bases were my first attempt at a Mars effect using forgeworld "Rust" weathering powder.  I felt
the bases were a great contrast to the darker colour scheme of the first legion.

Enjoy the video and please comment below as I would like to understand how to make them better!

We will be doing more showcase videos here on Code40K so please click subscribe on our new youtube channel.  Doc has already put a couple of videos for you to enjoy.




  1. Inner this looks really good love the weathering and the base contrast.

  2. Thanks red went for something a bit different with these guys

  3. Look awesome mate, your doing the first proud.

  4. Thanks Tom only another 50 men to go