Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Gary. Gary - Hand of the Sigilitte

So yeah, FW went and released Garro.

Love the model and loved it so much I thought I'd subtly hint to the wife that he might make a nice crimbo present........

"Gary? Who's Gary from Forgeworld? What are you on about?"

So no.....that didn't work! Then I realised he wasn't tied to any particular legion so figured I'd start my own small HO HO HO Heresy project and kick my 30k army off with him! Hurray!

This is the first of the heresy character series that I've actually had my hands on and I'm really blown away by the cast, absolutely beautiful mini to put together, can't wait to attack him with a brush.........

But unfortunate he must wait a while as I've a small AOS based commission required by Jan!

Here's some pics of the first mini completed.

Will try and sneak time on Gary and see if I can't finish him also :) 


  1. Slaughter priest is sweet dude can't wait to see Gary

  2. Great photo set-up Tom, really clear pictures & shows off the fantastic paint job really well.
    Nice job mate

    1. Thanks Luko! It's just a cheap booth from Amazon, stood the priest in a black spray lid and use an app on my iPhone called camera+ - I rate it highly!