Friday, 4 December 2015

Ho Ho Ho Heresy - Alpha Legion

I'm an odd really. I love Space marines and the Heresy Stories, but oddly I don't like the older marks of armour. Due to this I have not bought any of the Heresy legions. I am a big fan of the Character series of models but I don't think my painting is up to scratch to paint these great, and expensive models (it is the same reason I have not delved in to the new Age of Sigma stuff either).

My brother however has got great painting skills (I got the looks...) and likes to paint these great models. So I have been buying them and sending them to him for painting.This first post is a little taster of what he can do.

His (and mine) favourite legion is the Alpha Legion. We both think they are not "chaos marines" in the normal sense but more like normal marines.

First up is a Contemptor Dread.

Next up is the Forgeworld open day Model

This is the first of a few posts of his heresy models. Come back for more later.

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  1. These are great, your brother certainly knows his way round the brush. Look forward to seeing more soon!