Friday, 11 September 2015

New Boy -Please don't feed-

 'tap' 'tap' '1' '2' this thing on.........

Howdy, they call me Gumby
This is my first post so sorry if I ramble.
what can you expect you say ? well other then bad grammar ( and worse puns ) hopefully a bit of converting, painting and interesting ideas. So lets dive in

I've played Space Wolves forever and really miss my 13th co army from 3rd edition (deep striking long fangs with melta guns ) and of course the loss of wulfen, so i was intrigued by the idea of Murderfang even if it is a silly name (and it is so I think he'll be Gnaf Redrum sounds much more Fenrisian :) ), but the model is really static for a mad wulfen dread so in step a contemptor which are way more pose-able.

I got this c/c dread off our favorite auction site, managed to take it apart quite cleanly and cos he's a lune he's bound to be battle damaged so it didn't have to be purfect.
I removed the Purity Seals and Codex icons, shaved the knuckles on the hands, repositioned the toes to give a more running stance, pinned all the joints and took most of the mounts off the Murderclaws
Dry fit 
Cheers Doc for letting me post
till next time
Gumby out


  1. Your welcome, glad to have you on board. Look forward to seeing a completed build. Lastly the more space wolves on the blog the better! Cheers DOC

  2. Welcome to the blog Dude! Good to see you on here finally.
    I particularly like your totally casual take on the complex and detailed converting you've done! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Oooh this is going to look awesome with the murder claws!

  4. welcome to the code. looking forward to more pictures