Friday, 18 September 2015

Showcase; Thunderbolts Space Marines Jump Pack Captain.

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with another new addition to my Space Marine Chapter; The Thunderbolts.
This is my new Captain with Jump Pack, Shield Eternal and Teeth of Terra. He will be leading a demi company with auxiliary support as part of a Gladius Strike Force against a bunch of filthy heretics in the form of Docs Traitor Guard; in a game in a week or so. Beware Doc!
Here's some piccies....

The base model is an old metal one I had in my bits box; one of the old Masters of the Chapter models. He originally had an axe in his left hand I think, I chopped the head off and replaced it with the large chain blade from an old metal Vanguard Veteran; also from the extensive bits box. The jump pack is just a plastic one from the old assault marine sprue.
I'm really pleased on several fronts; firstly I painted this in less than 2 days, pretty impressive for me; my painting occurs at glacial speeds usually! Secondly I built him over 2 years ago and he's been sat in the "to paint" case all that time. Thirdly the white went on so much easier and smoother than I'm used to; only 3 coats as opposed to my usual 4 or 5. Win all round.
And hopefully Win against the renegade filth on the 28th!
For The Emperor!



  1. Awesome! Now please paint that base so he pops on it!

    1. Cheers Greg. I need to spend some time rebasing pretty much all my marine infantry. Currently they look consistent. But consistently poor.
      It'll be a major project in itself.

  2. At pains to say nice when I am on the receiving end! It is nice and crisp and will fit in really well. One small thing I don't like is the handle of the blade being also white.. I would imagine it being leather so more likely brown for me. It would also offer more of a contrast against the armour. Just over a week till you have to chop through thousands of em!



    1. I know what you mean but the weapon grips throughout the army are all white.

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  4. Great Stuff (as usual). he just needs a assault company to go with him, 1 down 106 to go!

  5. 1 squad done and some vanguards, another squad built. Maybe by 2020!