Saturday, 1 November 2014

Imperial Knight WIP, torso done and in place.

Hi All

I've finished the torso of the Knight and it's now fixed in place, after a little dry run to get the positioning right. Whilst doing the dry run with arms and shoulder pads in place I discovered that the arms cannot be removed if the shoulder pads are fixed in place as the overhang at front and back stops the arm assembly from fully rotating. So, once I get to the arms I'm going to have to decide if pinning the pads in place onto the shoulder frame will work, as that's the only way I'll be able to have removable arms. I like the idea of removable arms for purposes of packing and moving and also to represent weapon destroyed results.
Anyway enough of that for now, here's a few piccies of the Knight so far....

The next step is the top carapace, more on that to come soon....



  1. Looking really good. The base is awesome! Really like all those little that free hand??

    1. The vines are freehand, the fist is an I.G. decal.
      And thanks for the vote of confidence! :)

  2. Looking great! Have you considered magnetising the shoulder plates on! I've built a few Knights and feel confident it would be easy to do. Sink the magnets into the runner on the body of the knight and cost the underside of the shoulder in metal heavy paint? Should work well enough :)

    1. A good idea Tom. I'd not even considered it. I have some magnets that I bought for the weapons on my upcoming corsair vehicles. I'll give that a go I think.
      Cheers Bud.