Friday, 28 November 2014

Update before Forgemas.

November has been a busy month for me. A lot is going on in life and so I am spending less time than I would like on the hobby.

Luckily on one of the forums the tale of painters is helping me crack on and keep up with what I have to do.

First up this month is Azrael. As usual he follows the colours for my army. Being in the Chapter Council he wears deep gold armour rather than the black. This should make him stand out a little more from the normal guys.

I was going to try and put him and the helmet bearer on a single base. However when I was positioning them they didn’t look right together on a 40mm base. I didn’t have any other size bases to try out so stuck with the standard 25mm base.

Next up I have 2 Crusaders for my Inquisitors. I used alternate colour schemes for them, while keeping the same pallet of colours.

Finally I have finished my 2nd Drop Pod. I have a further 5 of them to do and may need a few more to bring them up to company strength.

I got these pods a while ago from a guy selling his stuff off. I got them very cheap, about 50% retail value. I am still on the lookout for a few more (another 2-4 should be ok and I need some of the fancy Forgeworld dread ones)

Now that November’s tasks have been completed I can now focus on the BLOG task for December, FORGEMAS.

I had to think long and hard about what I would like to get from Forgeworld. I had a large list:

  3. Contemptor Dread 
  4. A Horus Heresy Character 
  5. Sevrin Loth 

Bray and Contemptor were out as I have just painted a dread and we did dreads last year.
The Horus characters I do not feel confident enough to do a good job on these guys yet.
The Land raider I would need the air brush and understanding December is going to be busy I expect little time to paint. This left Sevrin and his Honour Guard

In preparation I have already cleaned and washed all the resin parts. Come the 1st I will assemble and start the process of painting these up. regular updates ahoy!


  1. The freehand work is really well done on the banner. Very awesome!

  2. Thanks Greg. it took a fair bit of time but i think it was worth it