Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Venerable Dreadnought

I am back from my holidays and I am feeling refreshed and ready for more painting.

First up is a Venerable dreadnought I have been painting. It is the older metal one, which I like more than the current plastic kit. I had been looking around for the model for a while and seen a few on eBay for silly prices (£40+). I spotted this one and I got it for £18. It was missing a finger, but a bit of green-stuff and I don’t think you can notice the difference.

It has been painted in a similar scheme to that of my Masters of the Chapter and other high ranking officials of the chapter. A nice deep dark gold for the armour makes the model look a little more important!

I also added some more details to one of my grey knight banners.

As well as adding some symbols to a company standard.

Next up is Azrael and 2 crusader henchmen.

And finally the code guy are planning special event for December, I will let MAD-DOK explain later but it will involve lots of nice models…….

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  1. I agree, that older dread is wicked awesome looking! Nice job!