Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Imperial Knight Freeblade, work in progress...starting the paintjob.

Hi All

Time to show the WIP on my Imperial Knight, I started on the legs and have now just got the guard plates on waist, thighs, knees and feet to do before I paint the base.
The plates will be red and bone and will feature the knights personal heraldry.
Here's pics of the wip...

I'm really pleased so far, particularly with the gold, it's layers of balthazar gold, old shining gold and auric armour gold on a base of old vermin brown, highlighted with silver and then washed with yellow glaze to give it a really bright finish.
Also a new one for me is the green cables, I normally just use a wash over the base, this time I used hexus pale sun dry paint to put a really light dry brush over the moot green base and then washed with green glaze, not sure if it shows in the photos but it works well in the flesh.

As ever feedback is always welcome.

That's it so far, more to come soon......



  1. Great stuff Boss,

    keep up the updates.

    what's your recipe for the metal?
    can we get a close up on the cables as i can't see what you are describing


  2. Cheers Dude.
    The steel is layers of the 3 GW silvery metals and then a wash of nuln oil. On the larger areas such as the top of the leg you need to apply the wash much more lightly and carefully, I did 2 light washes, otherwise you can get really dense pools of black that just look wrong or a streaky effect.
    The Brass sections are Warplock bronze then a layer of hashut copper and a brown wash, agrellan earth I think its called.
    I'll post a close up pic of the green cables anon.