Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Scenery, Battles and yes more Marines

Another long absence from the hobby. Life is taking over my geeking pleasures. But now England have been dumped out of the World Cup i hopefully have a bit more time to spend "completing" the models I have.

First a battle. my first big game of 7th. I was playing against my brother and my dad. between them they could muster 3k of marines (minatours) and eldar. we ignored the allies matrix and a few of the min squad sizes and played with what they had. I took my marines with a detachment of grey knights and an inquisitor.

I took:

kantor with 9 sternguard (4 combi grav guns) in a pod
librarian with 9 sternguard (4 combi meltas) in a pod
tactical squad in a pod
10 scouts
10 assault marines
10 devators in a rhino

librarian with 10 grey knight terminators
eversor assassin
retinue (2 servitors, 3 psykers, 2 deamon host, 2 arco)

Morloc with 5 TH/SS terms
10 assault marines with minotaur special chaplain
10 tact in rhino
10 tact
5 scouts
Special contempor
Lib level 2 9 stern in pod
10 guardian
Warlock 8 guardian (we know they are a minimum of 10)
6 scorpions
6 banshees
9 rangers
Ranger special character
5/6 dire avengers

Both were battle forged

We played the new missions where we had 3 per tern and they weren't secret.

Main points.
Psychic phase is harder to get power off. Yes they did go off and it is also harder to deny but nowhere near as “game breaking” as the doom sayers predicted.
I cast less than normal even with more psykers on the board!

Missions level the game a lot. You get the mission and then can complete them in your turn, before your opponent can react.
You need mobility. Scoring units are useful to trump things sat on an objective. E.g. if I have a thunderfire on an back objective and a necron warrior squad comes within 3” of it. The necron warrior squad can trump the thunderfire and claim the objective. But all units can get an objective which is a very interesting dynamic.

They game changed throughout and you need a bit of everything. At no point was there ever a hopeless situation for either player. Yes you may need a bit of luck with the objective cards, but there are 36 of them so luck is diluted a bit.

Final score was 8-8. Close throughout. I may have been able to nick it but needed a cast gate of infinity, which failed! and the assassin only consolidated 1 when needing 3+ to get to another objective!

some pictures:

No matter how good your tactics are....... 

Kantor kicking ass, shortly before Morloc said hello!

I have nearly finished the scenery in my last post, but got side traced in completing the Sternguard squad for the battle.

i have sprayed up some craters and will quickly wash them and they will be ready for the baord.

model wise i am painting a witch hunter inquisitor and 2 more assassins.

I hope to get some more 7th ed games in over the summer.

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