Sunday, 22 June 2014

Imperial Knight Showcase

Evening All,

Doc here with the promised showcase of my Imperial Knight Freeblade.  I don't have WIP shots for this model as it was completed in secret so I could surprise Red Mist in a recent battle.  So many of my recent posts have talked about sponge weathering and this model gave me the chance to really put that to good use.

I have painted him in the Gerantius 'The Forgotten Knight' colour scheme.  Two reasons for this firstly I only intend to use 1 and second I really liked the look of the sea green.  Its a colour I haven't painted much before.  This model also allowed me to get over I hate transfers thing....  Well sort of still hate transfers!

Anyway on to the picture dump....

The shot above shows the completed knight and I must admit I was tempted to add loads to the base, using city fight building parts.  In the end I toned it back as I wanted the focus on the model.  Also in this set up he will fit with all my other armies.

The shot above shows the sponge weathering, I concentrated along the panel edges and again less is more I think.  The back half of the top shows the vents which were all made to look like exhaust points by using a black weathering powder and also sponge weathering.  The top half of the gold exhausts also received the same treatment.

With the Thermal Cannon above I used the black again to make the end of the gun look burnt.  In hindsight I'm not sure I should have tried a different technique on this part to differentiate it from the exhausts.

The reaper chainsaw was painted cleanly although I admit to thinking about getting the blood gore out! All the metal parts were also line highlighted I really have gone away from the dry brush now the new washes are around.

The show above showing the lower half highlights the missing banner between the legs.  Why.. you may ask? Well I'm not a fan of the piece a bit too pompish for me.  Also I have earmarked it for use of an different project.  This shot also just shows the brown weathering on the armour plates below the knee and the feet.

Well that's it folks hope you like it as much as I do.  As always I always appreciate feedback and comments. This model also gives me 10 painting points Rock On!



  1. Very nice knight. Love the green you've done here. I'm also not a big fan of those banners...I understand their purpose, but it just seems like something that would be torn off in the first seconds of actual combat. More a "ceremonial" item then anything else.

    Though it appears your base is done, I would use the opportunity of no hanging banner to add some verticality to the base. Lot of space there now! But either way, looks wonderful as is!

  2. Nice work Doc! Love it! Of all the official freeblade colour schemes he's my favourite. You kept that quiet tho.... glad I'd already decided to do my knight in my own colour scheme. How embarrassing would that have been?....turning up to the party in the same frock!!
    Like the weathering, the cannon muzzle looks fine,you don't really ever see it alongside the exhausts so no real problem there.
    I get what you and Greg say about the crotch banner so I'm gonna green stuff a far more tattered one and use the existing chains and bar.

  3. Good stuff, looks great! I just built my own Chaos version, am in love with the kit!

  4. Photos don't really do it justice, like all miniatures they always look better in the flesh. I like that you experimented with new techniques and I must admire using a paintbrush to cover such large plated areas and getting even coverage as it's very difficult and time consuming. Great work mate.

  5. Thanks all for kind words, Andrew do you have a blog would love to see your chaos version?

    1. Sure do! Check out and please feel free to give feedback! A friend of mine and I just started the blog and are hoping to get the kind of criticism and support you have here.


  6. Looks great nice combination of the kits there bud. Love the lighting. Other code guys check it out! I have also added your blog roll to our blog roll

    1. Thanks! Will adds yours once I get home!