Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pre Heresy Death Guard - Now I have Really Started!!

Hi All,

DOC is back,  So I will be posting more up about running events in the meantime post WW13 I have managed to get back into some of my own modelling projects.

So I have posted about my fledgling Pre Heresy Death Guard Army before here and here.  Since then I have come to some clear conclusions on how to progress and purchased quite a bit for the army.  The original plan was to paint one marine army which could be used as a Legion army, Space Marine Army and Chaos Space Marine Army.  To be frank after testing this out and comments from friends I have revised this. 

I am now concentrating on a Legion / Space Marine Army.  Separate to this will be a chaos army which I have painted some test mini's for however, Ill save that for another day.  So onto my Pre Heresy Death Guard (PHDG).  A number of models have been built and I am using a number of variant armour types; to be honest I cant afford to stick to forgeworld throughout the whole army.  So I have used some chaos marine parts, regular marine parts and icon removed dark vengeance marines in this first squad.  In future squads I have some Iron Armour forgeworld variants, Heresy Armour variants and I have used some Kromlech legs.  The army I hope will have a feel of being around and in battle for a prolonged period.

Ok on to the showcase of the first few models I have finished:

 This is just a regular marine form Dark Vengeance (DV).  This is my first attempt with the weathering powders.  I have used them to give the legs a real dirty finish and to add a burnt look to the vents on the backpack and gun barrels.  Overall I think I have the feel I want.  Having looked around the internet I have seen some really battle damaged PHDG but that wasn't the feel I wanted.  I have gone for a halfway house and I think I will stick with this throughout the army now.

The next two are the Plasma Cannon and Plasma Gun armed marines from DV.  This also brought a another new first Object Source Lighting (OSL).  I have seen this technique grow over the last few years and I thought I want to have a go at this.  I used blue as I thought this gives a great effect and I have recently seen some LukoDakka stuff done with a blue OSL which helped plant the seed.  What do you think all?  Any tips or good tutorials on OSL please leave a comment. 

On both the plasma weapons I also used the weathering powders to help with the burnt out effects on the end of the guns which I think aids the finish.  With my first use of the weathering powders I have learnt a few things: 

1. You can use them wet or dry and this dramatically changes the finish. 
2.  The models must be varnished afterwards to keep the weathering effect intact.
3. You can mix the powders to get different colours.
4.  A pot will last a long time, so now I realise yes they were quite pricy but I don't mind so much now!

Just for information these are the weathering powders I use.

Ok squad shots are next, well nearly a squad...  These models take a significant amount of time for me to paint with all the new techniques and the unforgiving nature of painting white.  Interesting thing about the squad is it consists of 2 chaos marine builds, 1 tactical build and 4 DV models and I think it still works.  Boss Bludtoof's suggestion on backpacks has worked as standardising these pulls the models together.  Finally I picked up the forgeworld PHDG transfer sheet and despite hating transfers I have done all these!  I will put all the icons on as I finish each model because if I leave too
many I will never go back to them!


Ok so this project will hopefully be my best painted army I have produced to date so no rushing will be taking place.  This project takes as long as it takes!  In terms of future posts I will share stuff as I finish more including a PHDG contemptor and Death Shroud Terminators which I am the proud owner of!  As I so passionate about this project feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Right I'm off as it's starting to thunder and I need to turn the computer off!



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these in the flesh. Really nice neat job. I'm surprised you didn't get rid of the emperors wings on the chest plates though, not that it matters as it breaks up the armour nicely anyway. Need a better look on weathering to appreciate I think. With the OSL I'd go another shade lighter (closer to white) just on the very centre of the plasma source. Thats where it would be the brightest. I like where your going with this project though mate.

    I'm doing the same and going legion/sm army, its too difficult to try and make everything fit. I'll be doing a separate Chaos army probably Black legion would make sense made up of my DV stuff with a few of the new additions.

    1. Yes dude I thought about removing the wings but it is difficult to do without making it rough looking. I toyed with the idea of anvil industry torso's but it starts to get expensive then. I also have two full squads without any wings. On the OSL ill give that a go. Black Legion will be cool as you will have a codex supplement!

      Thanks DOC

  2. I really like the way you have painted the plasma weapons. Very nice

  3. If you do 1 more brighter I reckon it will really pop, don't over do it otherwise it looks too much. Its quite a difficult balance to get right, I suppose practise makes perfect. Yes black legion supplement in coming months, digital now should be interesting.

  4. These look really good dude. I'm well impressed. The white is really nice and I particularly like the weathering on the plasma muzzles.
    The weathering on the legs makes them look like they've been slogging through mud or dirty water.
    Regarding the chest eagles I've just read "Betrayer", the HH novel, and in that they mention that during the crusade there were 2 types of Aquila; the full one that only Emperors Children could wear and "another lesser Aquila" that any imperial warrior could wear, alas they don't describe it.
    The OSL looks good I think, particularly as a first attempt with practice I reckon you'll get it bang on, I haven't had the courage to try it yet so well done!
    Overall a cracking job dude and a superb looking army in the making. Reminds me of the conversation we had recently about improvement in technique!

    1. Thanks tweedy, really looking forward to the contemptor now. Just out of interest when are you going to paint your contemptor?

    2. I'm on the detailing for my 3 techmarine variants now. Next job is the contemptor cos I really want him painted. Then I'll paint the rest of the corsair squad. Then I'm gonna paint some brettonians and some gobbos.
      That's the plan anyway.