Friday, 5 July 2013

Eldar Corsairs, My New Project, Modelling the Bases

Hi All

So Worcester War 13 has been and gone and now it's time to start something new.
Last year I went to Warhammer World with some of the code boys for the Carnage tournament and whilst there I picked a few nice forgeworld bits and pieces for my long planned Eldar Corsair army.
With the release of Doom Of Mymera last year I'd written a few little lists and knew roughly what I wanted, namely a jet pack heavy infantry army with some heavy vehicle support. So most of that is bought in one form or another and just waiting for some glue and paint....
To start with I'm doing a corsair squad to test out my new colour scheme, but before even that happens I needed to sort out how I was gonna base the army up, I don't see a bunch of space pirates sporting squad markings so how to differentiate the squads since they'll be equipped similarly if not identically? I took inspiration from a guy I played against at the Spikey Clubs SVAXIII tournament earlier this year; he had a lovely Deathwatch Marine army who's individual marines each had their own chapter badge on 1 shoulder pad but no squad markings, so he'd used a unique base design for each squad, with all models in a squad having the same style of base. I liked this idea and I've stolen it and modified for my own needs.
My army represents a corsair raiding party assaulting an imperial base, so the bases will be cut-away sections of flooring complete with girders and ducting under the floor. Each squad will be identified by the type of flooring material they're stood on.

The flooring discs cut out for the first squad;

The bases with girders added. These are plastruct girder sections cut roughly to size;

Pipes and cables added;

The bases complete with the pipes and girders cut/filed and sanded to the shape of the base and with the flooring discs fixed on top;

A base with rivets added;

The rivets are made from the tiny plastic balls you find inside water filter cartridges. Each cartridge contains thousands of them as shown here,

Just drill a hole in the surface a little smaller than the ball and pop one in, I used a pair of pointy tweezers. It's a little fiddly but worth it. The filter cost a fiver and I don't think I'll ever run out!!

 The bases for the squad with rivets and some pipework coming up through the floor on one of them, this will be duplicated throughout the army.

That's the bases done, next is modelling the squad itself.

Til next time........



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  1. Awesome, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this project, you have given me a little inspiration for some base ideas for a little project of my own.