Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Waaaghhh!!!!!! Bluddtoof wip

With SVA XII and Carnage looming close I'm getting a few new bits and bobs together for my 5 new lists I'll need for them. Sounds a lot but as my Orks are my most prevalent painted stuff I've got the vast majority of what I need already done.
Just built Trukk number 5 and here's a few photos...........
As you can see I've used the Forgeworld Ork half trakk upgrade kit, not a bad price considering you get a full plastic trukk kit as well as all the resin trakks, wheels and engine. You're left with plenty of extra bits, specifically wheels and an engine with which to make another trukk!! Huzzah!! 2 trukks for about £35. As long as you've got plenty of bits lying around, which any self respektin Mek should have or course!
So the kit........ with all resin..... FLASH! And plenty of it, especially around the trakk linkages, take your time and it comes off with a nice sharp craft knife to leave a really impressive mould, well impressed with the quality and Orkyness of the design.
Not too tricky to assemble either but you have to remember it's Orky so it's meant to look uneven and wonky and once I'd done the chassis it looked good and was quite strong and rigid.
The engine blokk is made to connect to the drive shaft of the plastic kit as with the original however the resin gearstick was a pain to get in place so I ended up swapping it out for a scratch one. Don't try to use the original plastic one as it won't be in the right position and hits the front bulkhead of the cab section, stopping correct positioning of the cab.
I also bought the Forgeworld Ork weapons set which is a fantastic assortment of Big Shootas, Skorchas and Rokkit Launchas; 11 weapons altogether with mountings and all unique too. So one of those went on in place of the original plastic one. All helps to create the desired impression of each vehicle in my Waaaghhh! being a unique creation of the competing Meks.
I'm now working on Trukk 6 which again uses Forgeworld upgrades, this time the Enclosed Kab Trukk kit. Piccies of this in due course........
Boss Bluddtoof

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  1. Love the engine block on that trukk as always red goes faster I assume. Nice job tweedy.