Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This years objectives

So another year beckons, and this year I'm setting objectives which I will achieve!!!!
Last year was a total washout on the objective front, with one thing and another.

So my objectives for 2012.................

1/ Complete Space Orks 1750/2000 pt lists for the Carnage and SVAXII tournaments in late march. (Not too much to do now; paint 2 trukks, 3 buggies, 10 assorted infantry.)

2/ Finish my Klawstompa!!!

3/ Design, build and paint a Kustom Stompa!!! (Bringing my collection to 3 Stompas!!!!!!)

4/ Take a break from 40k.........and............

5/ Start my First Fantasy army in over 20 years!

This will be a Bretonnian army, and yes I know they're a bit weak in the new edition, in desperate need of a new army book but this will be a long term project and I'm unlikely to have a painted army this year so hopefuly by the time I'm ready to take to the field of honour the new book will be here.
Most important to my decision to go with Bretonnians is that I can paint every knight as an individual, with his own unique colour scheme and styling. Only the plebs will need to be painted in uniform, which is good 'cos my downfall in the past has been that I get bored painting lots of identical models and thus my previous fantasy forays have ended prematurely with 1/2 painted units.

I'm not gonna set a target number of models, just paint as much as I can and enjoy the experience.

On that note I played my first game of Fantasy since the early 90's at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! So Huzzah! Soon my glorious Knights will take to the field and smite all those who would turn a wicked eye to those lands under the protection and blessing of the lady of the lake. Have at you Cur!!!!!!!!!

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