Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ghost Ark and Glue Nightmares

Hi All, Since last weeks post ive played 3 games with the crons and painted a Ghost Ark. Be warned a Ghost Ark is a difficult kit and required many sub assemblies and paint before be finally put together. I also had a little accident along the way where by i spilt an entire bottle of liquid poly over the 10 repairing necron warriors whilst they will still in pieces on my cutting board. After screaming at the top of my voice i managed to save all the components although some have lost some detail as the liquid poly melted them. So here is some pictures of the completed model some genuine feedback is always most appreciated and i will say i really took my time to get the finish you see here but would still like to improve it further if possible. I also followed Luko Dakka's advice and applied gloss varnish to all the green necron power sources on the model this inluded the guns, orbs and engines. If anyone would like to know anything else about the model leave me a message? and i will endeavour to give a usefull response.
Id also like to share with you mine and red mists basing strategy for the necron army which is snow and dead world theme. We are using a dead looking static grass and a snow paste. In addition i found some green crystals on called anarchy crystals. We felt these matched perfectly the power source green running through the army.
Another step completed towards the 2012 objectives list.... Until next time DOC

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  1. You are right sir, this is a very difficult kit to put together. Time and patience is key! I've done 3 of these kits (with only one to go, thank god!!) and will be pleased to turn my attentions to simpler builds!!