Friday, 5 April 2019

Scribes of War Showcase Heresy Event Write Up

Hi All,

This post will be a long one not too many words though but lots of pictures of many cool minis from the heresy event I attended last weekend in Stratford.  Hosted by Scribes of War and ran by Chris me and Bristles had a fantastic time at the event and are really looking forward to next years already!

One of the really great touches of the weekend was that every attendee received a little black box ....

I admit on the day I didn't really get time to study the contents other than a quick glance but after closer inspection at home I found....

All these cool bits, so cool such a great touch and they will be put to good use and for those straining their eyes the conversion world bit was a great axe!

Right onto the day itself which was split simply between a loyalist and traitor side with apocalypse table in the centre of the room and normal gaming tables surrounding it.  I was on the normal gaming table with Bristles on the apoc table for the day with his knights and mechanicum.  I snapped this shot around deployment of the apoc table (it looked so friggin cool!) Yes you see right that is a warlord in the flesh....

Anyway whilst this massive apoc game went on the rest of us played 3 games split across the day and I had great fun with my three opponents Ben, David and Ollie.

My first game was against a sisters focused talons of the emperor army ran by the experienced Ben.  The mission was bloodfeud and although I was in it early game.  Ben's experience told in the end and he ran out winner 14vps to 8vps.  I managed to get a shot with all my opponents so cue selfie and a couple of shots from the game.

Really loved the dune style flyers on the desert board and the contrast of the armies against the scenery

Those power axes so pretty!  More pictures of the sisters element in the army showcase below.

My second game was against David Brain of 30k channel fame.  It was cool to meet him in person and play the quickest guy ever and we had one hell of a game it was just so close!  The mission was shatterstrike and in addition we had extra secret missions from the organisers.  I got so excited I forgot to take any pictures of the game apart from the (yes you guessed it!) the selfie!  The game ended an amazing 7 all draw!

I do think this selfie conveys the fun level we had!  David's Mechnaicum do appear in the army showcase below however!

Game 3 arrived and the dreaded fatigue was starting to set in and luckily for my it was against an absolute gent in the form of Ollie and his Iron Warriors.  Apart from falling over my tray luckily without figures on it couldn't of gone better for me with my dice being sublime and Ollie's being well atrocious. 

The mission was tide of carnage plus an extra relic mission anyway by the end of turn 4 Ollie had 5 models left and I was left feeling very lucky and guilty about how obscene my dice were!  Anyway I did manage some snaps of this game and the selfie of course!

Ok, on to the absolute picture fest or drool fest if you love heresy.  I charged round at lunch snapping pictures of all the amazing looking armies so here they are:

Ben's Sisters

Ben's Sisters

Ollie's Iron Warriors

Ollie's Iron Warriors

Ollie's Iron Warriors

David's Mechanicum

David's Mechanicum

David's Mechanicum

Well if you are still reading or looking at this point hopefully you will agree what a high standard to the armies at the event.  I think this was a gold standard event and the winner was everyone the hobby and so on.  Till next year when hopefully the Death Guard will have expanded somewhat!

That's all folks 


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