Monday, 4 March 2019

Pre Heresy Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators Showcase

Hi All,

Doc here with another showcase post.  As I paint towards the Scribes of War Heresy event in Stratford at the end of the month I expect a couple of posts before it as I finish off the remaining units.  I will then do an after action report to showcase some of the best painted armies etc. 

Anyway today's post is about my deathrshroud terminators.  I actually have 10 of them but have only painted the 6 in the list.  Time constraints have made me do that!  They are painted in my usual scheme and my white recipe can be found in my last showcase for my assault marines.  I had some issues with bent weapons and did my best to straighten them using the hairdryer method.  Without further do here is some pictures:

As usual hope you like it constructive comments and questions are most welcome..

Cheers DOC out.....


  1. They look fantastic. Clean DG, like the loyal few they are before Erebus.. F&*K Erebus!

    1. Thanks Siph loyalist death guard is what prompted the army in the first place. Always fancied a Garro when he was still a member of the Death Guard.

  2. Those turned out looking awesome - Lovely work, man!