Thursday, 11 August 2016

If it's not covered in mud or blood then frankly son, you ain't Krieging hard enough!

Evening all, Dark Bristles here with a little update as too what I've been up too of late.
A good few months back I showed off a Krieg Vanquisher tank that I'd finished up....
Well my good buddy and I decided to partake in the doubles tourney this coming weekend at Worcester Wargames and I decided to give my self a (frankly pretty tight) deadline of getting 1K of my Krieg all finished up and ready to war. 

So after sitting up for a while smashing out various ideas for lists, I settled on what I wanted to take and set about pumping out squads of infantry as quick as possible. Bearing in mind however this is my own personal army and a force I've been wanting to paint for a long long time (ever since I returned to the hobby in fact) I was adamant I wanted to keep the standard as high as I could. 

So tight deadline and self imposed high standard. Fun fun. 

I supposed a good place to start was the top of the chain so Company Command Squad with converted Master of Ordanace.....

Infantry Platoon Squads - 2 of these, a Platoon Command Squad and 3 Heavy Weapon Auto Cannon teams 

Cheeky pic of the big guns....

Death Korps Death Riders. My absolute favourite models that's FW produce, I love them. PAIN IN THE BUTT to paint however haha. Found them really tricky! Powered through though and am pleased with the results. 

So this is the complete force....1k of Death Krops of Krieg. Or 15 Blast Templates a turn minimum depending on how you count it :) 

Anyway, this is to be run alongside my friends Militarum Tempestus formation, I'm the shield, him the the spear. Together, the Emperors Hammer! 

I'll be doing my very best trying to take pictures over the course of the three games so stay tuned for a full event write up early next week :)

Thanks for looking guys and girls - Catch you in a bizzle. 

Dark Bristles


  1. Aww shucks, cheers fellas :)

  2. I love the death corps. These guys look fantastic, great job :)

  3. Cracking paintwork mate, always had a soft spot for DKoK, I agree with you that it's some of the best work that the Forge has come out with and it's ageing really well.