Saturday, 27 August 2016

A New Hobby Season - Confession of a 40K Addict

Hi All,

For years I have followed Dave's from confession of the 40k addicts progress using his hobby season format.  It has seemed to be a nice motivational tool.  So when Dave a couple of weeks back put a shout to see if anyone would like to join him for the next season starting I thought yep I am in for this! Extra motivation tools cant be a bad thing right?  So what is a hobby season  guess you are asking?

Well its simple and the best thing in a hobbyist arsenal a list!  A list of projects you would like to complete in the next 12 months.  Dave has also kindly made some icons or stamps to go along with the hobby season.

Ok along with the stamp above Dave has made some cool completed stamps which I attend to use. They are split down into major and minor hobby list stamps.  First up is the major stamp followed by my list of major projects for the next 12 months.

 Major Projects 2016/17

Mortarion Primarch of the Death Guard
Spartan Assault Tank
Knight Cerastus Lancer
Cerebus Tank
New Desert Themed Board
Deadzone Board (not 40k thats ok right!)
Leman Russ Primarch of the Space Wolves
Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighter
Necron Teseract Ark
MDF Necromunda Terrain
Re paint baneblade

Ok so there are 3 major scenery projects on here which is typical of me!  I love scenery so not surprised by this.  I will be surprised if I finish all 3!  This is 11 major projects but its a list right (dare to dream!).

Minor Projects 2016/17 (this could go on for a while!)
2 X Chimeras
1 X Taurox
1 X Valkyrie
2 X 19th Dicer Psykers
1 X Colonel 19th Dicers
4 X Repaint of Leman Russ Tanks
5 X Enforcer Pathfinders
1 X Enforcer Strider
5 X Enforcer Peacekeepers
10 X Volkite Death Guard
2 X Rhinos Death Guard
3 X Medusa's Death Guard
30 X Tactical Legion Death Guard
10 X Assault Marines Death Guard
10 X Deathshrouds Death Guard
6 X Jetbikes Death Guard
3 X Drop Pods Space Wolves
3 X Thunderwolf Cav Space Wolves
1 X Iron Priest Space Wolves
20 X Fenrisian Wolves
1 X Wraithknight Eldar
6 X Fire Dragons Eldar

Ok, I am stopping for now as this will get ridiculous and achieve the opposite of motivation!  Alongside this motivational tool I will continue painting points which I update on the right hand side of the blog and my annual review around new year.  My basic target has always been to paint a minimum of 100 minis a year which I am on target for this year so far!

So how many projects do you reckon I will complete from the lists above? Let me know in the comments and also please share links of you hobby lists / motivational techniques?


Doc out


  1. I think your minor projects outnumber all of my projects for the last two years combined! Good luck this year, there is some really exciting stuff on your list that I'll look forward to seeing finished.

  2. That is quite a list. Best of luck. I keep my hobby goals simple try and place in a painting comp at a major event. That's bout it :)

  3. This is miles off what I actually have to do I know I will not achieve it all but it's good to get the list down and see how I go